Week 2 - The Beta-Binomial Bayesian Model, Sequentiality, and Conjugacy

We will learn about the Beta-Binomial model and other conjugate families. We will practice with data to examine sequentiality in Bayesian statistics. If you have any questions about Week 2 materials please post them on the discussion board on Canvas.

Notes Links Due
R examples Some of you told me that you need to remember some R code. Feel free to watch videos from Stats 67 course. The videos that talk about R code have R logo next to them.
Review of Bayes' Rule for random variables  
The Beta Prior  
The Beta Prior Quiz Aug 13, 6 pm
The Beta-Binomial Model  
The Beta-Binomial Model Quiz Download bayesrules package again Aug 13, 6 pm
Balance in Bayesian Analysis  
Balance and Sequentiality in Bayes Quiz Aug 13, 6 pm
The Gamma-Poisson Model  
The Gamma-Poisson Quiz Aug 13, 6 pm
The Beta-Binomial, Sequentiality, and Conjugacy Timed. 60 minutes. There is plenty of time to complete it but before you start it make sure to have your notes ready. Do not start it unless you have reviewed the whole week and you are ready to complete all the homework at once. Aug 21, 6 pm