Week 1 - Introduction to Stats 115 and Bayes' Rule

Welcome to the course! Before we start learning Bayesian statistics we will get to know each other, the tools we will use, and the policies of the course. If you have any questions about Week 1 materials please post them on the discussion board on Canvas. If you click on icons such as it would direct you to the appropriate link where the course material lies.

Notes Links Due
Welcome to the Course
Getting to Know Your Professor We do not have a TA.
Getting to Know Your Reader
Introduce Yourself to the Class Aug 6, 6 pm
Introduce Yourself to the Teaching Team The responses to this "quiz" will not be available to your classmates. It is untimed. Aug 6, 6 pm
Getting to Know the Course Website     Take time go over the contents of this website, especially read the policies section. Do not forget to bookmark stats115.com.
How to be Successful in Stats 115
Syllabus Quiz Timed 30 min. Before taking it you need to read all the information on this course website. If you have questions come to office hours first before taking the quiz. Aug 6, 6 pm
Download and install R Download R before moving to the next step.  
Download and install RStudio  
Setup file structure for R In the video, I say Stats 67 modify that for Stats 115  
Install bayesrules package
Install rstan Installation of rstan is quite an experience in comparison to other R packages. Read the guide provided at the link and follow the steps. You can stop for now if you make it to Checking the C++ Toolchain
Download VPN     Use the instructions to download VPN so that you can access resources that are only available on the campus network.
Toolbox Quiz Aug 6, 6 pm
Introduction to Bayesian Statistics    
Probability Review
Bayes' Rule for Events    
Bayes' Rule for Events Aug 6, 6 pm
Bayesian Models for Random Variables    
Bayesian Models for Random Variables Quiz Aug 6, 6 pm
Bayesian Basics Homework 1. Timed. 60 minutes. There is plenty of time to complete it but before you start it make sure to have your notes ready.  Do not start it unless you have reviewed the whole week and you are ready to complete all the homework at once. Aug 14, 6 pm